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What is ABCNoise 3?

ABCNoise 3 is a powerful software system designed for the fast, efficient and intelligent handling of NIHL occupational disease claims. It combines the highest levels of technical knowledge & innovation in NIHL claims handling with powerful algorithms & intuitive software design.

ABCNoise 3 has been developed by a team of specialist disease lawyers & creative software engineers at BC Legal with the help of leading medical experts.

We believe the system will revolutionise the way you handle your NIHL claims.

ABCNoise 3 is a unique and innovative technology solution

The tool is completely free to use for BC Legal clients only and it comes with comprehensive and ongoing legal, strategic and technical support 24/7.

  • Redefines the NIHL disease claims handling process;

  • Is designed for all user groups within your business — Operational Strategists, MI and Performance Analysts, Claim Teams

  • Boosts your organisational agilities & efficiencies — allowing you to do more with less;

  • Reduces the need to outsource your claims handling and allows you to do it better;

  • Reduces the unnecessary leakage of claims into litigation;

  • Increases your repudiation rates;

  • Identifies those claims appropriate for settlement at an early stage and minimises spend on paid claims;

  • Allows you to constantly monitor and improve upon performance;

  • Provides extensive management and KPI reports to maximise claims handling performance and efficiencies;

  • Minimises your claims spend.

What does ABCNoise 3 do?

ABCNoise 3 is a complete software system and business intelligence analytics tool allowing you to cost effectively manage large portfolios of NIHL claims.

ABCNoise 3 is not just another NIHL diagnostic tool but offers a 'holistic' solution to NIHL claims handling and its strategic and financial management.

The system allows you to easily design and implement your defence strategies, assess predicted outcomes of claims and measure and monitor performance over time. Our system algorithms analyse and score claims according to the strength of defences on limitation, breach, diagnosis and de minimis and provides firm and clear recommended actions on claims.

The system is accompanied by an unrivalled technical and legal support service including live 'on-demand' access to BC Legal's expert team of disease lawyers.

A BC Legal claims management system and MI analytics tool for business intelligent handling of NIHL claims